September 24-27, 2018  /  Washington, D.C.

Real World Transformation Experiences at StubHub

Transformation, Case Studies

In a company that has the stated goal of creating delightful experiences for customers purchasing and selling tickets on the StubHub platform, who and what, exactly, are we transforming, and why? It started with the Operations team looking for ways to build private cloud self service for application deployment It grew to encompass the enterprise architects desire to move to a microservices cloud-native design from a service oriented monolith. Engineering was ready for self-service and elimination of people gates in favor of tool-based gates in the path to production Outcomes drive change to product managers and business owners who needed faster iteration of features and user experience outcomes How a hybrid cloud strategy drove selection of Pivotal and how that might change over time. Where IaaS started and what had to change to support Pivotal. Bumps on the road to the first foundations: team creation, InfoSec, moving from project to product, quirks of the platform, pair programming, establishing the SDLC and governance Early Application transformations and deployments to PCF Bringing value to Ops, Engineering, Architecture, Product Management, Business Owners and Execs

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George Loyer

George Loyer
Director, Technical Operations, Stubhub