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Paul Vermeulen

Senior Data Engineer

Paul Vermeulen brings over 30 years of experience in architecture, design, integration, development and marketing with a deep understanding of technology trends and expertise in core and complex technologies. Paul will be responsible for providing the technical expertise and assistance to the marketing efforts for fast data (in-memory/low-latency data grids) and will be able to provide the expertise necessary to architect optimal solutions for clients.

Paul began his career with IBM and spent 15 years providing engineering, marketing and consulting to large retailers and financial institutions with disciplines in real time transaction processing, point-of-sale and communications. After leaving IBM, Paul built his own firm, Total Retail Solutions, Inc. into a successful retail technology, payment and integration business. In 1997, TRS was acquired by IVI Checkmate who later became Ingenico and Paul remained with Ingenico as the Vice President of Software Research and Development where he was responsible for providing software solutions that augmented new and existing hardware platforms. In early 2000, Paul started a consulting practice providing software and services for several large enterprises. In 2010, Paul joined VMware/Pivotal/EMC and provided architectural services for GemFire application development, infrastructure and operations.

Paul is a graduate of the University of South Florida where he received a BS degree in business.